Here are some rules you should read before joining. If you break them, I'll have to remove your button from the rotation, so read carefully!

• When joining, include a valid email address, the URL of your site, the name of the song you want to claim and the anime where it comes from.
• Put the code up immediately after joining. I check my email quite often and, if I don't find the code, you won't be added.
• Put the code somewhere visible - either the homepage or a page called 'Rotations' or something of the sort.
• I will accept any site in any language - as long as the code is up and visible. Please, bear in mind that, although your site can be in any language, you must at least have a little knowledge of English, because if I need to contact you about any issues concerning your joining form/site/song/anything else, I will write to you in English. If I contact you and you do not understand what the issue is, then I'm afraid I'll have to remove you from the rotation (and we don't want that to happen, do we?).
• I will not accept, however, sites with hentai/hating contents, or anything I think it's not suitable for this rotation.
• You can claim up to three songs from various anime, or even the same anime, if you wish. However, you can have only one claim per site.
• You can claim any song, not only openings and endings, but also songs sung by the characters themselves (for example, you can claim 'You are my love' sung by Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle). You cannot, however, claim soundtracks or theme music (such as 'A song of storm and fire' from Tsubasa Chronicle).
• Always check the taken list before you join. You can't claim a song that's already been claimed. First come, first serve, so please, don't argue with anybody if the song you want has already been claimed.
• You can change your claim if you wish, just as long as the other song you want has not been claimed yet.
• Your button must be 88x31 pixels and it must allow direct-linking, otherwise you can't join. It must also feature the song you claimed in some way (take one of my banners as an example).
• I will accept sites that are on hiatus/coming soon, as long as the code is up.
• I will check the list once a month or so to make sure there are no broken links. If you change the URL of your site, please, update your information, otherwise I'll have to remove your button. In case I can't find the code/your site anymore, I will contact you and wait some days and then, if the problem keeps on going, you'll be removed from the rotation.
• Please, don't take it personally if I remove you from the rotation. I just don't want this rotation to have any dead links in it, so please understand that. You're more than welcome to join again, though!

Have you read all the rules? Good! Now you can grab a code and join! :D

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