» Why a rotation?
Well, don't ask me why, but I've always liked rotations and I would join every rotation I'd find (more or less). It sounded cool and I wanted to try it out, at least once.

» Why anime songs?
Well, the thing is, I really love anime songs. May them be happy, sad, openings, endings - I just love them. Then, one day, I was looking through my joined page and I realized a rotation about anime songs was missing. I haven't found any either, so I thought, 'Well, I could try and open my own rotation!'. That's pretty much how this rotation was born.

» Why 'I get the Feeling'?
The reason is very simple: this name was stuck in my head. Seriously. Even when I was searching for other names, it just wouldn't go away. This line comes from an ending of the anime InuYasha, called, 'Come'. I thought it sounded good for the rotation, since songs are all about feelings.

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